Hello there!

Zhen Lu

I am a PhD candidate in epidemiology and biostatistics at Sun Yat-sen University. I have made contributions to neurosyphilis and cancer research, and my work has been published in journals including eClinicalMedicine, JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, among others. Besides, I have patented a clinical diagnosis system for neurological syphilis (LU504466, rank 1/1).

In addition to my work on neurosyphilis and cancer, I have extensive experience applying advanced statistical concepts, artificial intelligence, and causal inference methods to conduct real-world research based on electronic health records. I have conducted multiple studies in the areas of COVID-19, HPV and HIV infections, and cardiovascular disease.

To date (May 10, 2024), I have published 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals, serving as the first author and co-first author for 10 of these.